Lean startup: MVP/Prototyping restrictions

Creating an early version of a webapp is highly important if you use the lean startup methodology (to get early feedback from your potential customers). For a developer/designer like me its really hard to create something that doesn’t look nice and/or has not all the features I intended to create.

Nevertheless it has to be done, thats why I inflict on myself these restrictions in the future:

  • no colors – black and white have to cut it
  • basic html – no CSS tinkering or at least a bare minimum only
  • only the front page + one additional page – reducing the amount of pages will reduce the time till the MVP can be launched

I know that this will be really hard and that I’ll probably make a few exceptions but I spend a lot of time tinkering around with small, unnecessary details (especially when it comes to CSS). These restrictions shall remind me that this doesn’t matter (at least not in the first few iterations) and hopefully I’ll stick with it..

New vs old books

“It’s better to reread great books than waste his time on new but average ones”

I’m not talking about fiction here (at least not entirely) but about books on design, development, business, etc.
I have a few which are really, really amazing, like Getting Real, Rework and Building Social Web Applications.

Most books I read, even though they are highly recommended on amazon, are usually not worth my time and I can be glad if I get 1 useful idea out of it.
Totally opposite with these 3 books. I’m not sure how they are doing that but I would be happy to have a few more of these. How do I find those? By reading tons and tons of average ones first 🙁

Speedtest Redesign: Overview

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Here are a few screenshots from the previous speedtest which was live from around 2007-2011 and which got replaced by the new Typing Speed Test.

The functionality of the previous version was quiet simple:

  • you could type for one minute using the 100-200 most frequent used words of your language
  • at the end you got your result, if you wanted to save it you had to take a screenshot (which a lot of people did and even posting there screenshot on forums etc.)
  • you also got a badge with your WPM count (which wasn’t accurate because I didn’t use the correct WPM-calculation back then)
  • the ranking list was reseted at the start of the month
  • cheating was quiet easy
  • lots of other stuff which got improved by now

A Google Analytics screenshot which shows the growth and reach of the Speedtest:

Screenshots from the new Speedtest


Speedtest Redesign: the beta is out

Hello my dear followers/readers,
as of today you can check out the speedtest beta version. Currently there are two languages supported:
english speedtest
german speedtest

As you can see there are still a lot of things missing, but you can already create an account and test/improve your typing speed. If you find any mistakes or have suggestions/feedback, please let me know: christianstrang@web.de

More features like the ranking list, badges, additional languages etc. will be implemented in the upcoming days/weeks.