Speedtest Redesign: Overview

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Here are a few screenshots from the previous speedtest which was live from around 2007-2011 and which got replaced by the new Typing Speed Test.

The functionality of the previous version was quiet simple:

  • you could type for one minute using the 100-200 most frequent used words of your language
  • at the end you got your result, if you wanted to save it you had to take a screenshot (which a lot of people did and even posting there screenshot on forums etc.)
  • you also got a badge with your WPM count (which wasn’t accurate because I didn’t use the correct WPM-calculation back then)
  • the ranking list was reseted at the start of the month
  • cheating was quiet easy
  • lots of other stuff which got improved by now

A Google Analytics screenshot which shows the growth and reach of the Speedtest:

Screenshots from the new Speedtest