Speedtest Redesign

Update: Work in Progress I

After almost 4 years I finally decided to start redesigning my typing speedtest. Redesign might not be the appropriate word though there will be definitely a new design but I also plan to improve and extend the functionality (without corrupting the core experience).

These are the features/improvements I currently plan on implementing:

  • a new Layout
  • improved WPM calculation – currently I just count the number of words (silly me) which is apparently wrong: Words per minute
  • higher cheat prevention – as for almost every application which runs client-side, its really hard to prevent cheating. I will research possibilities to prevent cheating, maybe we can finally have a nice little ranking list without those pesky cheater 🙂
  • “smooth” next line – everytime users reach the last word and wait for the next block of words, their typing flow is interrupted. This is bad… really bad! Definitely need to fix that.
  • Increased site speed – the speedtest is quiet optimized already and with the additional features I’m a little bit concerned about the site performance (afterall over 1.000.000 users worldwide use the speedtest every month). A few things I will try to keep the load as small as possible:
  • Login with Facebook or Twitter, save your results and see if you improve over time
  • Gamification/Badges: I might add badges to improve your typing experience like: “typing more than 80 WPM, 10 times in a row” or “typing more than 100 WPM”. This won’t be in the first release but if the login system will be implemented there is a high chance that I add a few game elements
  • I’m not yet a logo designer but I will try to create something sexy and recognizable

But before I start hacking one line of code I need your feedback. If you have any suggestions, things you don’t like with the current version or features you might enjoy, just leave me a comment. Or, and this might be even better, participate on my uservoice forum. You can make suggestions or vote up suggested features from other users. I won’t implement every feature. Actually I will only implement the most requested features, so VOTE!

If you are interested in the current development, just follow me on twitter. If you find a mistake, please let me know in the comments!