Mathrun – Balancing and minor changes

I changed the gameplay a little bit. Till now the tasks got faster by a static number so that you had to press “LEFT” or “RIGHT” really quick if the speed was too fast to read/solve the tasks but still to get more points. This works now different, the speed still increases if you make a mistake but now it will “kill” you faster, so that there is no clicking marathon at the end (or at least only a short one).

To make it easier for beginners i decreased the start speed. With these two changes you might now see more levels (maybe even the ones after level 19 😉 ). Still only the really good players will encounter the level 20 and higher with a moderate speed and collect much more points.

I also did a minor change to level 17, which was just too hard (even with a moderate speed).

Because of this I also  reset the highscore, so rush and score the first place 🙂