MathRun – 10.000 mph Brainspeed is possible

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Till now I haven’t really tested how much Brainspeed you can achieve, but today I scored 9750 after I saw someone (don’t want to say a name here maybe he wouldn’t like it) ruling the first position with 8608.

So I started really focussed and reached Level 20 with only 3 or 4 mistakes. This is awesome (and in my case a little bit of luck) and gave me the opportunity to raise the bar to 9750.

I think I made only 2 or 3 mistakes less than the previous first place but there is still more possible. Not only 10.000, maybe even 11k or 12k. So if you see someone having a five-figure score, don’t call him a cheater, it really is possible. And remember, once you reached level 20, the tasks are really simple and every correct answer gives you many points.

Try to beat my score