Mathrun – Woot! Math Run is up and running!

This is the first day, MathRun is online and I’m quiet excited about how you like it (use the feedback form to send me your opinion, suggestions, bugs, etc.).

As some of you might have noticed, the version number says “0.9.2”. Usually the first version should have the number “1.0.0” or something similiar but this is because its just a first test. After I remove the first bugs and add some important functionality (like using the mouse to choose the correct answer thereby giving IPhone [maybe in a few years when the IPhone supports flash] and other Touchscreen Devices the opportunity to practice with MathRun) I will round this number up to an even 1.0.0.

If you have any trouble with the game just send me your feedback but try to be as specific as possible (what doesnt’ work, when does the error occur, what browser do you use, does the error occur everytime or just sometimes).

Oh btw I’m the same guy who created the typing speedtest, so this will be absolutely free too but I might throw some advertisment at you, sorry 🙂

And now stop reading this boring blog and start training your math skills!